Flipping the Classroom

As a teacher I am a huge fan of the Khan Academy Videos and was pleasantly  surprised when I came across a great Video on Flipping the classroom. This idea seemed very interesting to me, it’s not something I am currently doing and I decided to research further to see what other benefits this method might offer. I came into my teaching position with the material already developed. A lot of it is a lecture following a power point that tends to drag on and I feel like I loose a few of my students. I am desperate for new ways to keep them engaged and still teach all of the required material. One thing that intrigued me in an article I read, was that using this style of learning was inexpensive and didn’t involve heavy technology. I really like that this method takes some of the pressure off of the teacher, freeing up some of their time and allowing more opportunity to actively interact with students. A large portion of my class is spent in the lab learning Pastries in a hands on way. Most of my material has to be lectured in class before the students are able to get into the kitchen and work. I enjoy this method as an option because it frees up my lecture time and allows for more hands on interaction.

Homework is something that has been around since the beginning and will be around forever. This learning style doesn’t get ride of that format it just changes it slightly so that students benefit more from a new style of homework. For example, maybe you put together a video lecture and use your class time to do something a bit more engaging relating to the lecture. For homework, the students are to watch the video lecture after class, at whatever time is most convenient to them, before the next class. We all know that the information we lecture about is important but because people have different learning styles most information can come across as overwhelming and is lost along the way. This way students can watch in a comfortable environment, at their own pace and rewind as much as they need to get all the important information. Now that the teacher doesn’t have to spend an entire class lecturing material, it frees up their time to work along with the students helping develop synthases and explore the application of what they are learning. Students are receiving direct input from the teacher as they go and are able to make sense of a bigger picture. Working along side your students also  helps you to identify stumbling blocks and correct them as they go.

Lets stop spending countless unpaid hours building up and breaking down course material, trying to make sense of everything and find its most relevant delivery. Take a step back as a leader, still be organized and have a plan, but let the material and the students explore each other and make new discoveries in a collaborated learning environment.


2 thoughts on “Flipping the Classroom

  1. Robbyn, I really relate to your ideas of having the lecture material delivered outside of class time. If I was a student in your class, I’d be so eager to get into the kitchen to bake! I think I would come into your program with the expectation that the learning would be very active and interactive, and less classroom oriented. Preparing myself by listening to your lecture ahead of time would likely make me even more enthused about the topics and activities I would be engaged in during the class. Great ideas!!


    1. Thanks Tara!

      Its very true, the biggest conflict I run into is that very fact. Students assume they will be baking and playing all class, when in fact there is a ton of information, both on sanitation and safety as well as baking and pastries that they need to have a good grasp on before doing anything creative.


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