Making the perfect Biscuit – Web Quest

When I was researching different WebQuests on Baking and Pastries, I came across a great one on making the perfect pie pastry. I teach a unit on Quick Breads and though using a WebQuest would be a great idea when teaching my students the break down of a perfect Biscuit. Starting off I would tell them about the schools Pastry Bake Off competition coming up. The theme this year is Biscuits.  The students are to work individually or in group of 2 to create their own perfect Biscuit to enter in the competition with. Seeing that this is a new unit to the students they will have to do some research and complete a few assignments on identifying the different fats involved in making Biscuits, the relationship between the flour and the liquid in the recipe as well as the function of the chemical leavenors.  Understanding your ingredients and the balance of components is the first step in making the perfect Biscuit. There will be 3 assignments to complete before moving into the lab to experiment with our recipes. The information for the assignments will be covered in the Pastry Arts text book, Chapter 4 pages 112-156. Also I have given the students 3 links to use as research information. One talks about the role of the different Fats,  the other breaks down the role of Flour and its Gluten property and the last link explains Chemical leavenors, and the roll leavening plays in our end product. I have also given them a video to watch demonstrating how to make Biscuits. Once the students have a good grasp on the process and the ingredients involved they are ready to start applying that knowledge in a hands on environment.

When the students get into the Lab they are to use the same recipe for a basic Biscuit posted in the WebQuest. This way they all have the same footing to go off of. This way the students can narrow down any problems they have to either the procedure and mixing method or possibly a measurement error. With a wide list of options listed in this link, they then can choose whatever flavor of biscuit they would like to create.

I think this WebQuest project would work really great in my class. There is so many tools, ingredients and methods involved with baking it can seem very overwhelming to retain it all. This process gets them to research the information on their own and focus on the most important information. They can take what they have learnt and apply it right away. It also personalizes it because they are in control of whatever type of Biscuit they want to make and there is a bit of added pressure with the incorporation of a light competition element.



2 thoughts on “Making the perfect Biscuit – Web Quest

  1. Robbyn, I love the idea of webquests for your pastry class! The ideas you have sound really engaging. I can see how this will create the opportunity for student-centered learning, while giving you the chance to walk around and see how each student is progressing. I also think this leaves room for creativity, which is so important in culinary course.


    1. Yes I agree, creativity is key! I love seeing my students run wild with an idea. Once they understand the base recipe and method they can change it up and create whatever they want. It becomes a great learning idea for me also! I have actually stolen a few ideas my students have come up with for my own business. A young fresh mind with no limits can be your best tool sometimes.


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