Inquiry Project Reflection

Last week I was given the task to Learn Something New!! I was really excited about the idea although I do have about a million things going on at the moment in my life, so it was tricky to try and fit something else in. My process for deciding on what I wanted to do was, obviously pick something I was interested in, but also try and make it fit within whats already going on. I am a first time home owner YAY! and I am knee deep in home renos. Since this was my first time doing anything like this and since I really enjoy it, I decided I would document learning how to remove carpet and re-paint the interior of a house.

This was an excellent learning experience and the process of documenting it really got me to slow down and think about what I was doing. I also feel like I was able to really retain what I was learning. I now feel like most times I give my students a challenging project or assignment they probably rush through it, find the easiest solution and not really take any of it in. If I get them to slow down and really think about what they are doing they might retain more. I also think its important to present challenging material to my students in a way that incorporates things they are interested in. There definitely was a point along the way that I wanted to quit…and maybe cry haha, but I didn’t because I wanted to see a conclusion to what I had finished. I was very surprised at how challenging it was and I really have a new respect for people who do that kind of work every day. When our students run into road blocks and experience frustration they might be more inclined to keep going and push through it instead of giving up. Pushing through and completing something that challenges you really is such a huge reward and I want my students to feel a real sense of accomplishment with what they are learning.


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